Visuals from the most important women in history share their strengths with today's.

Women have been conquering their space for years. And now is not the time to stop. Even representing 53.8% of all players in Brazil, they suffer from offenses and harassment in games. How can Coca-Cola encourage them to win one more fight and make men see even more the problem?

Skins have very high value in League of Legends. That's why Coca-Cola will create a new pack featuring the most important and empowering women in history. Female accounts receive the bundle for free. Men, on the other hand, need to earn it through a quiz about feminism.

How it works:
Entering the game, women will receive an encouraging message, accompanied by a free skin pack. Men will need to take a quiz about feminism and tweet an oath of respect for women hashtag.

46º Anuário do Clube de Criação

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